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I am not interested to set one up against the other. Not people, not nature and culture, not objects and subjects. I do not want seperate myself from the world. I want to in inventive ways provoke our understanding of our realities and show the entanglement of all organisms, I want to create a new reality that embodies the importance, of openess, magic, and care.

With diffraction glasses the spectator has another look at reality, one beyond mirrors and representation. The glasses disperse white light into a full rainbow spectrum. This manifestation of unseen different wavelengths functions as a mesmerizing starting point of feeling the world’s reality differently and feeling the existence of another reality as real. Have a look and feel drawn to seeing the world differently.

Welcoming the Embodied Classroom/ Artez Academy, Arnhem, The Netherlands 12 april 2019

Sanatorium Octopussy - Conceiving a Tentacular Conciousness / Ludwig Museum Cologne/ 14 July 2018

Activate Psychokinesis / Anomalous - Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, The Netherlands / 9 Februari 2018

Stop the war machine / diffract your vision, listen to the sun, break into pieces, affect the properties of things, set the world in different motion, with the power of your mind, activate psychokinesis, activate psychokinesis, activate psychokinesis