Can I speak in my own language with you? I developed my vocabulary and structure from eccentric archives (such as disco, gabber, sci-fi, diy instructional YouTube video’s and astrologies). I do not mind to run the risk of not being taken seriously. For I keep my eye on the (chrystal) ball: I want in sincerely silly ways create some sweet utopian bonding action

Fictioning Alternatives is a form of storytelling that creates alternatives to the dominant fictions that make our post-truth reality today. It strives to create new communities and forms of belonging.

SHE is DISCO - Circle 1: platform for art and culture, Berlin, Germany / 13 December 2017

We are not individually responsible for the instabilities and failures we experience in our intimate lives. But denying those feelings, would be denying the reality of neoliberalism in which the individual is hold accountable for feeling weird. By dancing together feelings of awkwardness are transformed in retro-futuristic fashion into a gaga disco reality. Here precariousness, idiocy, feeling not like a human is no longer a weakness but becomes activated by collective effort as a strength that empowers other forms of individuation.

More than Human Rights - Model United Nations Amsterdam, The Netherlands/ 12 July 2017

“Peace is a positive feeling which crowns the life and motion of the soul. It is hard to define and difficult to speak of. It is not a hope for the future, nor is it an interest in present details. It is a broadening of some deep metaphysical insight, unverbalized yet momentous in its coordination of values.”

— Alfred North Whitehead (1933) Adventures of Ideas

How to give voice to fragile state of the world, without anthropomorphizing it? Must we move beyond the liberal rights discourse and move into a relational notion of rights that takes account of the relation to other citizens, animals and the environment? Can we create a micropolitics of resistance to the normative order that dismisses cosmic vulnerability for being weak, rather than being full of life? Let us start by taking peace as metaphysical concept, rather than the absence of war between nation-states. Let us take into account all forms of life to give voice to non-human things.

Re-Activating The Idiotic Methodology - Reading 2 Conceiving our Aquarian Times Anew Videonale 16. Festival für Video und Zeitbasierte Kunstformen, Bonn, Germany /18 February 2017

“We are living in a political culture of post truth. Indeed, these are our idiotic political times. Politicians rule the world by the use of twitter, climate change is just simply denied and populism and nationalism are -once again -strongly on the rise. But instead of fighting the Idiot and judging from our Facebook bubble the world we think we are not part of, we must resist the consensual way in which our idiotic Aquarian times are presented and actions against it emerge. We must rethink resistance.”

Vanja Smiljanić & Dieuwke Boersma 2016

Reading 2 The focus of this reading is given to the transformation of vicious circle into a virtuous one, by transfiguring sad passions into happy hardcore feelings. Resisting is not just walking in demonstrations, but it becomes a demonstration of how we put our foot down. The philosophical figure of the Idiot takes thereby a central place in our practice. This figure does not belong to the common world and can therefore open up to the unexpected, the abnormal and the ambiguous .

Re-Activating The Idiotic Methodology - Reading 1 Conceiving our Aquarian Times Anew Schauspiel Köln, Cologne, Germany/ 16 December 2016

“We know, knowledge there is, but the idiot demands that we slow down, that we don’t consider ourselves authorized to believe we possess the meaning of what we know”.

Isabelle Stengers (2004) The cosmopolitical proposal

Reading 1

Within a 5-step metaphysical, pharmakonion and cyclical reading, represented in a mandala the audience is introduced to a methodology that rearranges the vicious power of the idiot into a virtuous one. Each stage introduced thereby another element that supports the audience to eventually turn the poison of our idiotic times into its medicine. As a result, the audience became part of idiotic experiments and experiences and familiar with the slowing down and absurdist strengths of the idiot.